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2 Jirayu Wiriyaphibool

Jirayu Wiriyaphibool

Jirayu Wiriyaphibool, one of Thailand's Delphi gurus and long time Borland supporter

Jirayu Wiriyaphibool Thailand well known Delphi consultant and advisor, and also Borland Product Certified or Borland delphi developer as we familair with as "aJarn" (teacher). Jirayu is Borland Delphi 6 product Certified Developer.

He's a Delphi consultant for many software-houses and many large corp. in Thailand and to a few companies overseas.

* CREATOR (PROGRAMMER) OF POPULAR DOWNLOAD Super Invoice Software (Download.com Super Invoice) which is in top 100 most popular business freeware

* CREATOR (PROGRAMMER) OF JFTinfocenter using JFTdatabase

He have been in software business since early '80 when this technology was at its beginning of recognition and potential. Thailand was a late software market boomer and starting to recognize it's potential in mid '90 and was officially promoted near the millenium (late '90 - 2000).

He is a Delphi and C Builder programmer for WINDOWS and LINUX. He specilized in OOP from a full program DESKTOP programmking, NETWORK programming for large organization database: ORACLE, SYBASE, INTERBASE, INFORMIX, MS-SQL in type of CLIENT/SERVER or program type DISTRIBUTED, or MULTI-TIER.

AUTHOR OF "Delphi Amazing Components" - Thai Language

AUTHOR : Jirayu Wiriyaphibool
REMARK : The first book about Borland Delphi in Thailand
ISBN : 974-85812-6-8
PAGES : 287 include covers
PRICE : 350 Baht.-  Please contact us
FREE Book(s) for : Public library, Non-profit organization, please contact us

Contents in This Book (In Brief)

More than meet the eyes

  • Introducing Delphi
  • Delphi is OBJECT PASCAL
  • Why we need to create CLASS LIBRARY
  • Delphi OOP
  • Abstraction/Encapsulation/Inheritance/Polymorphism


  • Create Method by sample TVAT
  • Test CLASS
  • Learn about Instance
  • 4P (Private/Public/Protected/Published)

Create OBJECT on the fly

  • Golden rules of Object components type Dynamic
  • Learn how to manage Parent Control
  • CLASS Indirect Inheritance

Writting your first component

  • Component is CLASS
  • Learn TObject / TContol / TGraphicControl / TWinControl / TCustomControl
  • How and Type of Override method
  • Constructor and Destructor
  • Important method of TActBtn (SetParent, Loaded Mthod / Component State)

Modifying Component

  • CreateParams and draw Windows
  • Using Override Method & Event Dispatch Method
  • Handle Windows Message (Send / Post)

Compounds Component

  • Introducing TFilterBox
  • Write to Method
  • Use ComponentCount and ControlCount

Learn about Built-In Properties

  • TDummy and existing property
  • Built-in Property Editor
  • Component Wrapper

Aggregated Component

  • TDBKbd component control keyboard
  • Create TDBKbd
  • What is Notification and FreeNotification

Dataware Component

  • Step by step of handle TFieldDataLink

Component & Win95 Messages

  • User Defined Message and Component Message
  • Learn about WndProc

Class Property Editor

  • Persistant Class and Property
  • Built-in Class property Editor

Property & Component Editor

  • Learn about Property Editor and Component Editor
  • RTTI (run-Time Tyle Information) for Delphi IDE
  • Learn about TypeInfo and TpropInfo
  • And Many More....


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