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TBlobCDS GNU freeware

Free Component by Jirayu Wiriyaphibool
Borland Product Certified (Delphi 7)

These components created by Jirayu Wiriyaphibool They are free delphi component for all to download.
TBlobCDS 1.04 is a freeware GNU library public open source,so enjoy and have fun. Please feel free to give feed back to the author.

TBlobCDS 1.04 Delphi 3,4,5 include demo, details.

What is BlobCDS?

This component turns a whole ClientDataSet into a data-ware component that linked to a blob field of a master table. In other words, it acts as detail table that hides itself inside a blob field of a master table. Thus, you can have complicated, master/detail in one table, which is good document database table such as: Invoice, Packing List, Slips and etc. One of students in class challenges me if I could write something similar to Oracle 8I(nested table) using VCL OOP thing.   I have another component called "BlobKBM" (used with KBMMemtable) that is about the same but use different approach in component writing. If you like to have BlobKBM, please email me.

I have tested this component with database such as INTERBASE 6 (BDE,dbExpress,ADO,IBExpress, DBISAM, TOPAZ, and Flash-Filer 1.57 and use them in a multi-tier application by sending master/detail in one record across LAN, WAN. I do not recommend that you use BLOBCDS with Paradox since its blob handling is unstable. I know that there are many memory datasets in the market but nothing ever come close to Borland’s very own TClientDataSet. It is in Kylix, Delphi 6 and in Multi-Tier application so I rather stick with the mainstream. By the way in, you can now use "Midaslib.dcu" (Static Link) in your program to avoid deploying "midas.dll" with your application. I am working on a new component to span your blobcds data with maintable into a "TSpanTable" component so your can span your relate data into one flat table.


  • No more cascade delete / update (It is one record).
  • No table link with messy master detail index.
  • Detail table of each master record doesn’t have to be the same. (See demo.)
  • Super fast master/detail (Watch it scroll, fast).
  • Good for Multi-Tier because you can send complex relationship to the client combined into one record.
  • ApplyUpdates(-1) command will commit it to server as a whole or none. Try it. I will post sample on the web later. 
  • Works with Quick Report, Fast/Free Report and other report as usual. 


  • It is not suitable for table with large details (only good for documentary type such as Invoice, Packing List, Slips etc.)
  • Be careful when you add field such as ftADT, ftDataSet. (Error could crash table especially Paradox, other database are OK) See my Demo.
  •  No SQL support, yet. (Coming soon)  Next version will have Oracle create nested SQL syntax.

What’s new in this version?

  • No need to add field editor for master table. Version 1.0 require you to have field editor list of objects. This version just ignore it.
  • AddSubField and AddField methods are moved to a new component TClientDat which inherites from TClientDataSet so you can use it in a single-tier app.

Now, If you have nested field such as ftADT, ftDataset with many levels, AddField, AddSubField and DeleteField will not erase existing nested data. Sorry folks, I was in a hurry without checking.

Download (zip)  


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